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Optimal Lighting for Cannabis Plant Growth

Selecting the right grow lights

Figuring out the optimal lighting for cannabis is an important step in setting up your growing operation.

Plants need light to grow, just like how we need sunlight. But if they don’t get enough light, they can’t grow properly and won’t make many flowers. On the other hand, too much light can hurt them, making their colors change and making them sick.

Exactly how much light you should give your plants, and how it should be distributed, usually depends on a number of factors. When selecting grow lights you should carefully consider things like the size of the canopy area, the wattage required per square foot, and how the light will be optimized.

The Canopy Area

The canopy area is the top layer of leaves in your plant. As your plants grow, so does this upper part. It’s important for figuring out how much and where to put your grow lights.

Think of the canopy as the part of the plant that gets sunlight from above. If it gets too big, it stops light from reaching the lower parts. You need to manage it so all your plants get enough light.

There’s a trick called LST (low-stress training) that helps control plant growth and spread light better. By keeping the canopy in check, light can reach more parts of the plant.

Also, make sure your lights are spread out properly over the canopy. This way, all the plants get the right amount of light.

 In order to calculate the amount of wattage required to your grow, you will need to calculate the total area of your canopy. To do this, simply measure the length of the canopy and the width of the canopy, and multiply them together. Once you have calculated the area of your canopy, it is time to calculate the amount of wattage you will require to properly light it.

Calculating Wattage

The best way to figure out precise light requirements is to calculate the ‘watts per square meter’ that your plants will require. It is generally accepted that your canopy should receive between 600-860 watts of lighting per square meter.

Don’t forget to equip your grow room with the proper ventilation equipment to handle all of your lights. The larger your canopy area, the more lights you will need, and the more heat that will be produced. As such, cooling and ventilation should be a primary consideration for large grows.

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