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Best Fertilizer for Cannabis in 2024 | Boost Your Cannabis Growth with BiG Plant Science

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BiG Plant Science is created by a master grower and Chemist in Denmark 12 years ago. When he first started growing cannabis he was overwhelmed by all the different types of fertilizers at the garden centers and grow shops. Hundreds of fertilizer bottles with big promises like “60% bigger juicier buds”, complicated feeding schedules, and with a price that can make any mistake very expensive.

Mastering EC & PPM for Healthy Cannabis Growth

How to measure ec ppm and grow healthier cannabis

When growing cannabis, you should do EC measurements to make sure your plants are getting the perfect amount of nutrients. If that sounds too technical, don’t worry – it’s really simple, and you’ll learn all the most important information in this article.

Diagnosing Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies: A Comprehensive Guide

Diagnosing nutrient deficiencies

To accurately identify nutrient deficiencies in cannabis plants, it is recommended to closely observe their overall health and appearance. Regular inspections should be conducted to detect any signs of stress or abnormal growth. Consider the following steps for a thorough assessment:

Understanding Mobile and Immobile Nutrients: A Key to Plant Health

Why is it important to understand mobile and immobile nutrients

Mobile nutrient deficiencies show symptoms on lower (older) leaves and move up the plant. Immobile deficiencies show symptoms on the top leaves (new growth). You can use this information to help narrow down what type of nutrient deficiency your plant might be suffering from.

Top Picks: Optimal Cannabis Fertilizer for Growth

Choosing fertilizer for weed

There are 3 major categories when it comes to fertilizer for cannabis; liquid, powder, or natural. They all have their pros and cons and we will explore each one to see which will work best for you.

Optimal Soil for Growing Cannabis

Best soil for weed

When choosing soil for growing cannabis, think about three important things: how well water can it drain, the soil’s pH (how acidic or basic it is), and what it’s made of.