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Big Plant Science sponsor application

We are SUPER confident in our grow BIG series, and we are convinced you will experience higher quality and better yield than previously when using our products and following our feeding charts. Because of this we are looking for both commercial and hobby growers to test our products and give us an honest review. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The size of your operation and experience does not affect wether you are relevant for our sponsorship or not. We look for all kinds of growers to test our products.

Exactly what we can offer you depends on a large set of factors, in most cases we will offer you yo test our products on a small to medium batch. But larger sponsorships can be considered if you have significant social reach or other factors increasing your testimonal value.

Our only requirement is that you make an unbiased review of our products when testing them.

How would you identify your growing operation?
How many plants are you currently gorwing?
How much experience do you have?