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Big plant science - thailand

BIG Plant Science - Thailand:
Optimized Plant Nutrition for Thai Water Conditions

Unlock the Potential of nutrients with
Big Plant Science

Experience a new era in plant cultivation with Big Plant Science – Thailand, where excellence harmonizes with simplicity. With a decade of industry leadership and expertise from Northern Europe, our products present unparalleled benefits for growers across the globe. From enhanced nutrient absorption to convenient ready-to-use solutions, seamless compatibility, and rapid effectiveness – we prioritize simplicity while delivering exceptional outcomes. Whether you reside in Northern Europe or flourish in the fields of Thailand, our brand is committed to elevating and streamlining your cultivation journey.

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Why choose Big Plant Science

When you choose our plant nutrition solutions, you’re not just selecting products – you’re investing in the success and vitality of your plants. Here’s why growers trust Big Plant Science:



Plants easily absorb nutrients, and with our ready-to-use solution, there's no need for mixing. The liquid fertilizer blends seamlessly with other crop protection products, ensuring compatibility. Plus, its fast-acting nature delivers quicker results, making it the ideal solution for efficient and effective cannabis cultivation. Elevate your growing experience with the convenience and speed of our liquid cannabis nutrition.



Our brand's Northern European roots bring a unique advantage to your cannabis cultivation journey. Inspired by a heritage of precision and innovation, our products reflect the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with the region. Benefit from a commitment to quality ingrained in Northern European values, ensuring that each stage of your growing experience is marked by reliability, sustainability, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Choose a brand that channels the essence of Northern European expertise for a superior cannabis cultivation adventure.



Our products effortlessly blend across stages, providing a seamless approach to growing. From foundational "Grow" to essential "Calcium Plus" and vibrant "Bloom," our additives create an optimal environment. While we recommend using all products for impressive yields, it's entirely possible to achieve success with just the essentials. We prioritize ease for the user, ensuring a straightforward journey to excellence at every stage of your cannabis cultivation.



For over ten years, our brand has been a trailblazer in the cannabis cultivation industry, fostering a legacy built on innovation, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to superior products. Throughout this extended period, we've navigated industry shifts, actively leading and refining our offerings to meet evolving grower needs. This milestone isn't just about longevity but signifies a rich tapestry of experiences and successes. As we celebrate over a decade on the market, our products carry the weight of this history and the promise of a legacy rooted in quality and trust. Join us on a journey that transcends time, where every choice reflects our enduring commitment to shaping the future of cannabis cultivation.



Exciting News for Thai Growers! Our esteemed brand Big Plant Science, with over a decade of excellence, is now available in Thailand as Big Plant Science - Thailand. We bring our Northern European expertise to the heart of Southeast Asia, empowering Thai growers with the same quality and reliability that has defined our legacy. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or just starting, our products tailored for cannabis cultivation are ready to elevate your growing experience. Embrace the trusted choice that has transcended borders, now flourishing in the vibrant landscape of Thailand.

What some of our happy customers has to say

"Really impressed with your product! It's super user-friendly, and I can't get over how easy it is to use. Definitely going to grab more when I need it. The staff knows their stuff and are genuinely friendly, which makes a difference. The fertilizers for each stage are doing wonders for my plants – they seem to really dig them and are growing like crazy. Cheers to you guys for making something that actually works!"
Yam, assistant manager, patong cannabis
Assistant manager - Patong cannabis
Yo, my first try at growing wasn't lit at all - plants were just dragging. Had to find something for my cannabis, so I checked out Big Plant Science. Bro, their stuff is insane! First season, 2 pounds from 4 plants. Now, I'm gearing up with 24 plants, and I'm thinking it's gonna be even more epic. Shoutout to them for the mad tips – helped me loads in understanding what my cannabis babes need. Big thanks, you rock!"
Bream, cannabis grower, darkside weed
Grower - Darkside Weed
"Little Christiania demands the best, and Big Plant Science - Thailand delivers. Their cannabis plant nutrition is a revelation for my cultivation. The attention to detail ensures optimal growth, and the sustainable practices resonate with my values. Big Plant Science has earned a permanent spot in my grow room."
Joy, cannabis grower, little christiania
Grower, Little Christiania

Nutrient calculator

Use our nutrient calculator to accurately determine the exact amount of each product you need. This tool allows you to easily calculate your required nutrient intake based on your individual needs. Take the guesswork out of planning your meals and ensure you are getting the right balance of nutrients with our convenient nutrient calculator.

Products - Big Plant Science

Premium Foundation: 

In the world of plant cultivation, success begins with the essentials – our premium foundation nutrients: Grow, Calcium Plus, and Bloom. These three powerhouse elements form the backbone of a thriving growth journey.

Premium Additives:

For cultivators seeking not just success but extraordinary yields and stunning flowers, our premium additives are the secret sauce. Introducing Aroma Boost, Stimulus, and Flower Explosion – these powerhouse additives elevate your cultivation game to a whole new level.

Grow plant nutrition 5l
Grow – Big Plant Science


Calcium plus plant nutrition 5l
Calcium Plus – Big Plant Scieence


Bloom plant nutrition 5l
Bloom – Big Plant Science


Aroma boost plant nutrition 5l
Aroma Boost – Big Plant Science


Stimulus plant nutrition 5l
Stimulus – Big Plant Science


Flower explosion plant nutrition 5l
Flower Explosion – Big Plant Science


Become a Big Plant Science sponsored grower

We are currently seeking sponsored growers who are interested in testing and evaluating our high-quality grow BIG products. Whether you are an enthusiastic home grower or a larger-scale operation, we are confident in the exceptional quality and user-friendly nature of our products. To demonstrate this, we invite you to click the link below and complete the application to be considered for our free product testing program. Join us in experiencing the benefits of our grow BIG products firsthand!

Up your knowledge

In addition to our own experts experience, we have taken the time to interview hundreds of growers and gathered all their best tips and tricks in one comprehensive guide. Download it for free here!

New Era of Fertilisers
New Era of Fertilisers introduces a professional calcium-nitrate-amino acid formula, specifically designed to prevent calcium deficiency in plants. This innovative blend ensures optimal nutrition for plants, promoting healthy growth and development. With its precise balance of essential nutrients, New Era of Fertilisers provides a reliable solution to maintain plant health and maximize yield potential.
Unmatched Quality
Our fertilizers are meticulously crafted using top-quality ingredients to ensure unmatched quality. With a focus on providing your crops with the essential nutrients they require for optimal growth and development, our fertilizers are designed to enhance soil fertility, promote plant health, and ultimately lead to increased yields.
Why Us?
Our team of experts has crafted a diverse selection of fertilizers. We recognize the significance of finding the precise blend of nutrients for your particular crop or plant, which is why we provide an array of specialized products customized to cater to your requirements.