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Plant nutrition by Big Plant Science

Premium Foundation Plant Nutrition: 

In the world of cannabis cultivation, success begins with the essentials – our premium foundation nutrients: Grow, Calcium Plus, and Bloom. These three powerhouse elements form the backbone of a thriving growth journey.

Premium Additives Plant Nutrition:

For cannabis cultivators seeking not just success but extraordinary yields and stunning flowers, our premium additives are the secret sauce. Introducing Aroma Boost, Stimulus, and Flower Explosion – these powerhouse additives elevate your cultivation game to a whole new level.

Grow plant nutrition 5l

Grow – Big Plant Science


Calcium plus plant nutrition 5l

Calcium Plus – Big Plant Scieence


Bloom plant nutrition 5l

Bloom – Big Plant Science


Aroma boost plant nutrition 5l

Aroma Boost – Big Plant Science


Stimulus plant nutrition 5l

Stimulus – Big Plant Science


Flower explosion plant nutrition 5l

Flower Explosion – Big Plant Science


Unlock the Secret to Spectacular Blooms: Mastering Plant Nutrition

Plant nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving big flowers and optimal yield. Providing the right nutrients to plants is essential for their overall growth and development. 

By ensuring a balanced and adequate supply of essential elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, plants can thrive and produce larger and more abundant flowers. Proper plant nutrition management is key to maximizing yield and enhancing the visual appeal of plants.

Transform Your Plants with Big Plant Science's Plant Nutrition

Choosing Big Plant Science for your grow comes with a range of benefits that set us apart in the world of plant nutrition. Here’s why you should opt for our products:

  1. Tailored for Thailand’s Water Conditions:
    Our formulations are specifically crafted to meet the unique water conditions in Thailand. You can trust that our products are designed with the challenges of this region in mind, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption for your plants.
  2. Expertise in Cannabis Cultivation:
    Big Plant Science specializes in cannabis plant nutrition. Our team consists of experts dedicated to maximizing the potential of your crops. From seed to harvest, our products are developed to provide the precise nutrients your cannabis plants need for robust growth.
  3. Proven Results and Reliability:
    Our nutrient solutions undergo rigorous testing to guarantee consistent quality and performance. Growers who choose Big Plant Science witness reliable results, promoting healthier plants, increased yields, and enhanced cannabinoid profiles.
  4. Sustainability Matters:
    We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices spans from sourcing ingredients to packaging. By choosing Big Plant Science, you contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to plant cultivation.
  5. Community and Support:
    Beyond providing top-notch products, Big Plant Science fosters a community of growers. Join a network of like-minded individuals where you can share experiences, gain valuable insights, and receive support on your cultivation journey.
  6. Innovation for Optimal Growth:
    Our dedication to innovation means you receive cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize plant growth. We stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that our products incorporate the latest advancements in plant science.


Choose Big Plant Science for a partnership that goes beyond just nutrients. Join us in cultivating thriving plants, contributing to sustainable practices, and becoming part of a supportive community dedicated to successful grows.<

Nutrient calculator

Say goodbye to guesswork and find out how much nutrients you need for your grow. Simply input your details, and let our calculator do the math. Try it now for a smarter, more efficient growing experience with Big Plant Science plant nutrition.