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Top Picks: Optimal Cannabis Fertilizer for Growth

There are 3 major categories when it comes to fertilizer for cannabis; liquid, powder, or natural. They all have their pros and cons and we will explore each one to see which will work best for you.

Powder Cannabis Fertilizer- Tailored Nutrition for Growth

Powder fertilizers are popular choice that many growers use. Powder fertilizer works pretty well both for soil-based and hydroponic plants. They are in powder or granular form, you need to mix them yourself with water to dissolve them.

With powder nutrients you can control what to give your plants and what not to. It is easier to store them and ship them since they are more concentrated form.


  • Cost-Efficient Shipping: Ideal for long-distance transport.
  • Control: Precise control over nutrients given to plants.
  • Timing: Better timing for nutrient application.
  • Storage: More concentrated, making storage easier.


  • Dust: Airborne particles (avoid inhalation).
  • Timing Precision: Requires precise timing.
  • Mixing Effort: Needs thorough blending for the right balance.
  • Dissolving Time: Extra time required for dissolution in water.

Liquid Cannabis Fertilizer

Most growers prefer the liquid type since it has some advantages over powder varieties. Liquid fertilizer is one of the favorites when it comes to cannabis growing and for many grain crops too.

Many liquid fertilizers are derived from granular and powder ingredients so you are getting the same fertilizer, just in a liquid form.

Both soil and soilless setups do well with liquid nutrients. The amount of fertilizer you use depends on your plants response to the fertilizer. You have to watch how your plants respond to the fertilizer because too much could cause nutrient lockout and too little could bring about stunted growth.

At BiG Plant Science, we have conducted numerous experiments on the cannabis plant, determined which nutrients it needs at which growth stage, and developed a unique formula accordingly.


  • Nutrient Absorption: Plants easily absorb nutrients.
  • Convenience: No need for mixing; it’s ready to use.
  • Compatibility: Blends well with other crop protection products.
  • Speed: Fast-acting for quicker results.


  • Shipping Cost: Slightly more expensive for long distances.
  • Shelf Life: Shorter compared to powder.
  • Additives: Contains stabilizers and preservatives.

Natural Cannabis Fertilizer

People are really into organic food these days, and that excitement has spread to the world of growing cannabis. In the cannabis community, there’s an ongoing debate about whether to use organic or chemical fertilizer, but most folks think using natural fertilizer is a clear winner.

It not only makes your flowers better but also improves the stuff your plants grow in. Many growers choose natural fertilizer because it enhances the taste of your plants and boosts how much you get. The fact that the nutrients are readily available also helps.


  • Slow Nutrient Release: Prevents burning and supports gradual absorption.
  • Sustainability: Renewable and sustainable.
  • Reduced Run-off: Low chance of nutrient run-off.
  • Soil Health: Improves diversity and quality of the growing medium.


  • Slow Absorption: Takes time to be absorbed into plants.
  • Cost: Higher cost for a consistent supply.
  • Pest Introduction: Potential introduction of pests and insects.

And there you have it – a complete summary of the different types of fertilizers for cannabis. Now you understand the options and how they work with your skill level and growing setup, you can confidently choose the right fertilizer for your next cannabis grow.

So many companies out there will tell you their stuff is the BEST or that it will give you “50% bigger yields!!!” Forget all that promises and educate yourself. BiG Plant Science is only here to make things simpler for people who want to grow cannabis.

We want you to experiment and try new things, that’s the best way to learn to grow good weed! Thanks again for reading, and please share this article with your friends if you found it useful.

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