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Identify Gender Cannabis Gender: Pre-Flowering Tips

Regular or Feminized Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds, there’s a 50% chance of them being male or female. They are like human babies, you cannot know their gender before they start pre-flowering.  

Feminized cannabis seeds will offer you female plants almost every single time. (%99) Yes, some feminized seeds still end up as male plants, but only a very small fraction.

Unfortunately, there is no way to identify cannabis gender before the flowering stage. Usually, at about 4-6 weeks, the plants start showing signs of flowering and pre-flowers form at the joints.

At that stage cannabis will form pollen sacs or buds. The female cannabis will develop pistils while the male cannabis form clusters of pollen sacs.

How to Identify Cannabis Gender

To identify before it’s too late, you have to pay attention to the pre-flowering phase. When dealing with indoor cannabis the plants show their gender in about one to two weeks of changing their light schedule. 

Check the plant regularly where the branches or nodes connect to the main stem. If the plant female, it will have some white hairs at the site of connection. On the other hand, males have grape-like balls.

If you have male cannabis in your grow room, you should eliminate them to preserve the quality of the final product. If you not get rid of them before they produce pollens, they will be fertilizing all the female plants, so female plants will spend their energy to produce seeds, and your yield and quality of end product will decrease.

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