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Optimal Timing for Transitioning Cannabis to Flowering Stage

Cannabis typically thrives in the summer and blooms in the autumn as the days become shorter. However, when cultivated indoors, the situation differs. Indoor cultivation allows for year-round growth without being affected by seasonal changes, but it also places the responsibility of triggering the plant’s flowering stage solely on the grower.

If you start flowering too soon, your plant may end up being smaller than you hoped.  Also can have an underdeveloped root system.

If you start too late, you may end up with a plant that is too big for your grow room. This can cause too many problems.

How do I switch my cannabis plants to flower?

When cultivating an auto-flowering strain, the plant will enter the flowering stage automatically after reaching a specific age. However, if you are growing a photoperiod strain indoors, you must simulate the natural conditions to trigger the flowering process. This can be achieved by regulating the amount of light that your plants receive.

In the vegetative phase of cannabis, it is recommended to provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness per day, known as an 18-6 schedule. In order to begin flowering, you should switch to a 12-12 schedule, where the plant receives an equal amount of light and darkness each day.

When you switch to 12/12 your cannabis will think that the winter season approaching, and it will start a period of rapid growth, increasing its size by approximately two times in the following two weeks. Afterwards, the majority of its energy will be focused on developing buds.

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As soon as you switch to the 12-12 light schedule, it is important to also switch to a suitable fertilizer for the flowering stage, such as BiG Plant Science Bloom. Additionally, it is crucial to maintain temperatures below 26°C for flowering plants.

It is important to maintain a humidity level of 40-50% in your grow room for flowering plants, as they are more open to mold growth in higher humidity levels.

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What is the best time to switch my cannabis to flower?

If your plant receives 13 or more hours of sunlight every day, it will remain in the vegetative stage and keep growing for an indefinite period. The potential yield of your plant will increase as it grows bigger.

Therefore, there is no pressure to cultivate the largest possible cannabis plant in order to achieve maximum yield. Instead, it would be more beneficial to grow a plant that is manageable in size, harvest it, and then replant.

When you’re growing weed, many growers suggest keeping your plants in the “vegetative state” for about 4-5 weeks. During this time, your plant gets big enough to handle all the cool bud spots but still stays easy to handle. But hey, this isn’t like a strict rule or anything – sometimes it’s not the best move. When you’re deciding when to make your cannabis go into the flowering stage, think about these things:

  • Age. While there is a common belief among growers that a marijuana plant grown from seed needs at least 60 days in the vegetative stage to reach its maximum resin production potential, this is actually false. It is possible to transition to the flowering stage at any point in the plant’s growth.
  • Planned Yield. If you want your cannabis plants to give you heavy yield, remember that bigger plants give more yield but they need more light and nutrients. It’s super important to think ahead and figure out how much your plant will grow so you can make sure it gets what it needs until it’s time to harvest. Taking care of bigger plants might also take more time and effort.
  • Height Depending on genetics, in flowering stage plants can grow significantly, with indica plants growing around 25-50% more, while sativa plants can double or even triple in height. Hybrid strains fall somewhere in between. To estimate the final height, it’s helpful to assume the plant will double in size. Therefore, it’s recommended to switch to a 12-12 light schedule when the plant is halfway to the desired height. And, to prevent burning, it’s crucial to leave enough space between the plants and grow lights.

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