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Maximize Bud Density: Grow Robust Cannabis Buds

Denser and heavier buds

It is important to prevent light and airy (fluffy) buds. They might seem big in size but they are not heavy so you could harvest more ‘grams’ if you make denser buds! This is within your control. By following these steps, you can increase the density of your buds!

Optimal Timing for Transitioning Cannabis to Flowering Stage

The correct time to switch your cannabis plants to flowering stage

If you start flowering too soon, your plant may end up being smaller than you hoped.  Also can have an underdeveloped root system. If you start too late, you may end up with a plant that is too big for your grow room. This can cause too many problems.

Maximizing Cannabis Growth with Timely Transplanting

Transplanting cannabis at the right time accelerates growth

If you start your hemp plants in a relatively small container, your seedlings or clones will grow faster when transplanted into a larger container. The reason behind this is that the roots of a small hemp plant find it easier to receive the correct mixture of air and water when they are in a smaller container.

Mastering Cannabis Seed Germination Techniques

Cannabis seed germination 101

For us germination of Cannabis Seeds is the most exciting part of the entire process.  Watching our seeds come into life is like a miracle, and make us dream about what’s come next. That is of course, assuming you get the job done right!